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Scooter Lifts Simplify Travel

A scooter lift can make transporting your scooter easy, fast & effortless in your minivan, car, truck or SUV. A scooter lift easily installs into most types of vehicles for fast loading and stowage of an unoccupied scooter while traveling down the road.  With more than 50 models of scooter lifts from more than 5 manufacturers, there is an application for almost every vehicle and scooter combination out there.

Now you have a scooter or a smaller wheelchair to assist with you mobility and getting around the house.  These scooters tend to get very heavy to try and lift in and out of your vehicle.  This is where a scooter lift comes in.  With a scooter lift, you can easily transport you scooter safely down the road.  Scooter lifts are available for many types of vehicles including, minivans, SUV's, pickup truck, cars and full-size vans.  With several different types to choose from, we help you determine which scooter lift is best for you.

M.C. Mobility Systems sells vehicle lifts for wheelchairs, electric scooters and power chairs designed to enhance the lives of those challenged by limited mobility. Our wheelchair & scooter lifts are designed to be durable, safe, and flexible in design to accommodate a virtually-unlimited number of needs and applications.

Because your transportation needs may not require a lowered floor van conversion, we now offer a full line of interior and exterior mounted wheelchair and scooter lifts. These reliable, powerful lifts allow you to take your scooter or wheelchair with you wherever you go, and because they are from M.C. Mobility Systems, you know they have the latest innovations. Features like a wireless key chain remote for effortless loading and unloading; heavy lifting capacity for worry-free operation; and designer cover to complement your vehicle's interior.

Whatever style you're looking for, we have the lift to meet your mobility needs. Contact us today or call 1-800-503-0052 to inquire about any one of our wheelchair lifts & scooter lifts for your vehicle today. Looking to buy a pre-equipped wheelchair accessible van or minivan? Check out our new and used wheelchair accessible vans for sale.

The 3 Types of Scooter Lifts

  1. Platform Lift: The easiest solution. You simply drive the scooter onto the platform, secure it down via manual or automated solutions, then push a button and it stows away inside your vehicle.  These are the easiest type of lift for you scooter, but also consume the most space inside your vehicle and will also consume that space even when the scooter is not loaded.
  2. Crane Style Scooter Lift:These lifts can lift both power wheelchairs and scooters from many different mobility device manufactures.  Applications can range from minivans, SUV's, full size vans and pickup trucks.  Power chairs and scooters will need to be adapted with a docking device for the Crane lift to connect to begin loading.  Many models are available to accommodate most vehicle-mobility device applications. 
  3. Outside and Hitch-Style Scooter Lifts: These are becoming more and more popular as power wheelchairs and scooters are getting larger while most door openings on vehicles are getting smaller.  This will require a hitch to be on the vehicle with basic four-prong wiring in order to be installed. Securing the device is relatively simple and in some cases the lift will do it automatically.  Keep in mind that you will want to research the tongue capacity of your vehicle and follow OEM manufacturers recommendations.

Interior Scooter Lifts

Transport your wheelchair or scooter in the back of your vehicle.  These lifts are designed to transport your wheelchair or scooter on the inside of your van, truck, SUV, pick...

Exterior Lifts

Transport your wheelchair or scooter on the outside of your vehicle.  They will typically install into the trailer hitch of your car, truck SUV, or minivan. ...